July 19

Supervisor Monthly July 2019 

July brings with it fireworks, barbeques and watering holes to swim in whether that be a pool, lake, river or creek! The grand arrival of summer, its scorching heat and long days that melt into beautiful sunsets. When I think of July, one word comes to mind above the others - INDEPENDENCE

Specifically, how the effects of independence can hurt or hinder leadership. However we also often see independence advance mission. Is independence helpful or harmful?

One of the passages of scripture that I circle back over with frequency is John 15. The picture of the vine, the branches, the gardener and all that is packed into those seventeen verses. We see this picture of interconnectedness as a prerequisite for fruitfulness. Our capacity to prioritize our time and complex demands upon our lives with communion with God. The first level is dependence on God. Beyond a task that we do but rather a relationship we are cultivating.

Most leaders grasp this and attest to this for their own lives; intimate communion with God. But then in true Jesus-style He doesn’t leave it there. He gives us another dimension to the type of connection He has called us into, loving one another. Interdependence, a connectedness to one another.

Leader we are better together. As we come into summer may I encourage you to pause long enough to check the gauges of your life and leadership?

  • Who are you loving, in close proximity to, sharing of both burdens and celebration?

  • Who is loving you, closely sharing your burdens and your celebration?

  • If you were to consider those you lead, those who are peers and those you follow, are there relationships of significance in each of these arenas?

Trust is earned. 

We must choose to trust someone and activate loving one another. It is as Eugene Peterson stated, “the root command." If the roots are good the fruit is good. Bad roots make for bad fruit.

Loving takes relational proximity. If you find yourself in this season perhaps a bit too independent may I encourage you to take the nudge and make the shift?

Better together,

Wendy Nolasco

PJ Moon