June 19


June is the official welcome of summer. A season that beckons us to dream. But what about when the dream God gave you, the vision He placed in your heart is in a not yet season? Have you ever heard the voice of the Lord and attached your own timeline? In 2 Kings 4, there is a story of a Shunammite woman who epitomizes a not yet season. As I look at her life, the dream that had laid deep within her heart and the season she was in it calls of a “NOT YET” dream.

A few markers of a not yet season from the Shunamite woman’s life:

Doorways: v.11-13 she stood in the door of possibility struggling to articulate what the man of God could do for her. She had a dream tucked so deeply into her heart that it became dormant. The doorway she stood in facing Elisha represented the possibility, the potential, and the promise.

Hallways: v.28-31 she stood in the hallway moment of a literally dead dream. Just like in school when passing from one class to the next, there is “no talking in the hallways.” The same could be true of transitions. Hallways are temporal moments of transformation to take you from one place of learning to the next. As the Shunamite woman held her deceased son, a dream articulated and seemingly ripped away from her, she contended in faith. She kept her faith in the hallway. She persisted for the breakthrough. 

Gateways: v. 34-37, the prophet entered the room where the boy lay dead and closed the door. He lay prostrate over her dead dream, breathing life into the boy, alone. And through the physical act, a real miracle arose from the bed. The son she could barely articulate came back to life, opening her to a gateway season. Gateways are where you, the spiritual leader, enter the throne room, alone. Where you learn to receive revelation from the Father, alone. Where you step out from the crowd of your staff, leaders, councils, and congregations, alone. Gateways mark new levels of faith and influence. But the cost is high, and the passage is singular.

Doorways are places to learn to articulate the dreams within us. Hallways are reminders that we are a people of the Resurrection. Gateways require our own crucifixion. Spiritual leadership is the art of learning to die well and teaching others to do the same.

PJ Moon