As we crest the end of a school year this time of year makes me reflect a bit on how effectual my life is/has been. Perhaps the graduation celebrations filling restaurants or the surge of graduate purchases that can be made by way of balloons or cards in your local grocery store. As our next generation graduates High School or College and prepares for the upcoming season of their lives, I am reminded of the stewardship we have as spiritual leaders to impart values, impact lives and mark the trail so others can follow. 

 We have heard much about our generational divides, Boomers v. Millennials and the rise of the massive population of Generation Z. If for a moment, we can set aside these perhaps limiting barriers and only consider one life, my own. The impact it can have on another who is still being formed and finding their way and consider them the next generation.Often younger but sometimes naturally less developed in their spiritual journey. A generational view can transcend age and be applied in multiple layers of stewardship

As a Gen X, the tiniest generation alive today and least discussed of any; this is what I sense the Holy Spirit speaking to my life in a resounding echo, I am a bridge for another to make safe passage. My life is uniquely placed in between two massive people groups with my eyes set upon the ones just behind and my soul contending for the one not yet created. 

We have one shot. Let’s make it count. By discovering, developing and deployingthe one that is a step behind whether in age or development. The Psalmists says, 

“So, the next generation would know, and all the generations to come— Know the truth and tell the stories so their children can trust in God, never forget the works of God but keep his commands to the letter.”Psalms 78:5,6 The Message

May we become a people who captures a heavenly perspective about our influence, the generations and the difference we can make. A few things about being a Way-Maker for Others: 

  1. Discover:Commit to seeing people through a God-filter, not a personal-filter. What has God placed inside of this person that I can mine out and call forth?  

  2. Develop:Create pathways for the development of others? Intentional systems for the development of people. 

  3. Deploy:Release people to live on mission. Whatever that looks like, even it means it’s not in your church. 

I have so much hope for the young. And I have so much expectation for the elder. But my belief is in all of us, BETTER TOGETHER.

PJ Moon