April 19 | Evangelism

April: Evangelism

God-stories are some of my favorite stories to hear, all time, ever, hands down. They remind me anew of the power of the gospel and the active work of Jesus and His Church amongst the earth today. Recently, while at a funeral that carried much more grief than any one event should hold there came a moment where the young teen's grandfather got up to share.

He began to tell the story of an empty box. He shared this story simply, succinctly and with successin a matter of moments. He said my life has been built on one simple truth and I come back to that truth whenever things get complicated and trying to understand. There was an empty box. Jesus is alive. 

Everything that needed to be said about this complex, painful and confusing moment was summarized by a straightforward telling of the gospel. The gospel uncomplicates a complicated world, riddled with pain and creating more questions than answers. It brings forth hope where there was none. 

This Easter as you prepare your messages and tell the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLDI hope you consider: 

 1.    The people coming through your doors have complicated pain-filled lives. You have HOPE. 

2.    The gospel is a simple message. Keep it simple.

3.    The people that live in your cities, communities and coming to your churches may not know the "lingo." Keep your message accessible.

4.    Creative redundancy makes for impactful learning. Make it repeatable.

5.    Give people the opportunity to say YES to Jesus. Ask them to respond.

We are a people on the move. Crossing the street. Inhabiting the neighborhood. Taking up residence. Filling the atmosphere with a new culture. 

“You’ll be known as those who can fix anything, restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate, make the community livable again.”Isaiah 58:12 The Message

I am praying you to see communities transformed, cities reached and get a front row seat to the God-story in people's lives. My encouragement to you is to tell your God-story to someone who does not attend your church. In a restaurant, in a coffee shop, at a school or community gathering—step out and share your God-story again. 

See if it doesn't reinvigorate your passion for reaching people with the gospel. President Glenn has been using a phrase that has been repeating itself in my mind—EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. 

What if we mobilized everyone to go everywhere and share the gospel of Jesus? 

PJ Moon