March 19 | SOUL CARE

"You will keep the peace, a perfect peace, for all who trust in You, for those who dedicate their hearts and minds to You. So, trust in the Eternal One forever, for He is like a great Rock-strong, stable, trustworthy, and lasting."

Isaiah 26:3-4 (The Voice)

Recently I was boarding a flight and in passing the flight attendant mentioned that the plane had been delayed due to engine failure. Not being an expert in planes nor their engines it was lightning quick that my mind began to run scenarios of how important it was that whoever was tasked to fix said engine failure did so intentionally and precisely. 

Our next flight critically depended on their work.

In leadership one of the first places that I notice an imbalance is in peace. Perhaps, not the external or even noticeable peace that others may see but the internal measures that I am no longer in the center of the peace of God. Restless, sleepless or naturally irritable.

I have migrated my posture and am standing outside of His peace. No doubt, the climate of leadership today is challenging and ever-changing. Leaders are not without an abundance of reasons pulling on you to deter from staying in God's peace as a promise for my life and yours. 

Isaiah's words have become a footing in 2019. My trust in God's word/s and the dedication of my heart AND mind to those words has a direct effect on how I am able or unable to remain in a place of peace. 

Leader, the work you do intentionally and precisely on your inner world REALLY MATTERS. 

As you have embarked into this year with dreams and plans you hope to see materialized in your life and leadership, I'll leave you with a few questions to consider: 

  • What is camping in your heart space? Your emotions? Are you growing more or less irritable? More or less peaceful?

  • Where is the settlement of your mind? Your thought life? 

  • Would others describe you more or less winsome than you were this time last year? 

Our peace becomes a magnet drawing others towards us. It marks your life and mine as one who follows Jesus and walks closely with Him. Peace is not a passive stance but rather a proactive one that can look face forward with confident hope and an anchor of peace.

PJ Moon