Do you feel called to formal ministry within The Foursquare Church? Whether you are called to serve at a local church, as an evangelist or even a missionary, start the process of getting credentialed within The Foursquare Church.

Contact Nicolle Truett at or (512) 651-3007 to start the process


Step 1

SENIOR PASTOR of a church contacts the district and nominates a candidate for licensing by providing their approval as well as applicants legal name, phone number, and email address.

Step 2

The LICENSING COORDINATOR will take that information, create a HUB account and generate a senior pastor recommendation form (MP-0) that is emailed to the senior pastor.

Step 3

The SENIOR PASTOR fills out and signs this form on their HUB account.

Step 4

The LICENSING COORDINATOR receives and reviews this form. We then generate a request for a background check and email that to the applicant.

The APPLICANT follows the email instructions to submit the needed forms to our partner Castlebranch who then runs the background check. This takes 7-10 business days to complete.

Step 5

The LICENSING COORDINATOR generates the application for the license applicant and sends them an email with next steps for filling it out!

Step 6

The APPLICANT completes the MP-1 Application form.

Step 7

Each SENIOR PASTOR logs into the HUB and completes, signs, and submits the MP-2 recommendation form.

Step 8

The LICENSING COORDINATOR reviews these forms and submits the candidate to the polity phase.

Step 9

The APPLICANT works with their coach to complete the assigned resources which will be shipped to them, the polity course, and all interview training. When the COACH determines readiness they reach out to the district to request an interview.

Step 10

The DISTRICT OFFICE schedules the interview panel, time, and date. Once the interview is conducted and the decision is made, any remaining paperwork and the initial annual fee is collected from the applicant, the application is put together and submitted to the board.

Step 11