Church Plant Cohort STAGE 1

Welcome to our Foursquare Multiply Cohort Stage 1! Please review the dates & details below to connect with the group. Bookmark this page as we will be posting pertinent details for the Cohort here.


Resource Documents & Downloads

Listed below will be all the resource documents and assignment articles for Stage 1. Download by clicking on the buttons below. Check our Facebook group for the actual assignments each week and what article or pdf is needed for each specific assignment.





All assignments will be listed in our Facebook, however you can find them listed out every week here. Please answer each question for each chapter. Please be sure to respond to your cohort-mates posts in our Facebook group with questions or support.


Reading Assignment: The Foursquare Pastor PDF – Chapters 1, 2, 13, & 15

  • (Ch 1) What did you not know about Foursquare that you discovered in this chapter?

  • (Ch 2) Is the stance on Moderation in line with your previous church experience and how might it effect your new church?

  • (Ch 13) What are your disciple-making behaviors or activities?

  • (Ch 15) What leadership core values will you bring to your new church? You can add any other thoughts or questions – whatever strikes you as interesting.


Reading Assignment: The Foursquare Pastor PDF – Chapters 4, 5, & 6

  • How you will blend your Pentecostal convictions with your commitment to be culturally relevant – Sometimes church planters focus more on cultural relevance without any visible manifestations of the Holy Spirit – they don’t want to alienate others. If you start your church that way it is not likely to function like a Spirit – filled faith community.

  • What ministry experiences do you have with other ethnicities and cultures and what have those experiences taught you?


Reading Assignment: The Foursquare Pastor PDF – 7, 8, 11, 12

  • Pick something that stood out about each chapter. It might be a good idea to try and post your thoughts by Thursday each week so you have some time to interact with each other. Great job so far with your interactions everyone! Make sure you go back and comment on your cohort-mate's posts.


Reading Assignment: The Foursquare Pastor PDF - 10, 9, 14 & 3 (finishing the book)

Discussion Assignment: Please comment about how chapters 5 (Cultural Relevance), 4 (Pentecostal Heritage) and 8 (prophetic Community) all shape some of your views on making disciples.


Reading Assignment: Random Thought on Evangelism PDF (focus on page one for this week’s assignment)

Consider one statement from the Random Thoughts paper.

"The critical component, the reason contextualization is so critical to our understanding of becoming the hermeneutic of the gospel in our communities, is that we too must examine our own attitudes and practices in light of God’s word to discern how we might bring the whole gospel to the whole world."

Discussion Assignment: It's important to realize that you (and your church members) may be the only gospel story members of your community see. God has richly blessed you with his written word, it has shaped your faith and revealed how wonderful God is. Many people don't read the Bible so you become the Bible story for them by what you say and do ... or don't say or don't do.

1.) As a church planter, what are some of the issues you wrestle with regarding contextualization and bringing the whole gospel to secular people?”

2.) Please share one personal attitude or practice that fuels your ability to discern the needs of your community and share one attitude or practice that helps you.

Week #6

Hi all, reading through the responses I can sense your grappling with culture and the gospel. As church planters you have unique opportunities to display how you and your church will be “lovingly devoted to all people (Luke 10:27), joining them where faith actually lives - in the midst of people's lives” (from the reading assignment Random Thoughts on Evangelism, paragraph one).

Discussion Assigment: What type of people do you feel most called to? Yes, our love for God places in our hearts a loving devotion to all people, but most of us have a deeper empathy for some more than others. Please describe who you feel most drawn to and why (for the sake of this exercise let’s omit “other Christians” from the list).

Week #7

  1. We'd like to follow up on last week's discussion. Many of you described feeling called to the "un-churched". Let's get practical...if people aren't going to come into the walls of your church building, how are you going to minister to them and lead them? Think of your unique communities and the people you are trying to reach - how are you going to reach them? How are you going to be an example of Christ to them?

  2. Also, begin reading and familiarizing yourself with the Newbigin Gauntlet PDF. We will have some discussion on that in a couple of weeks as well as together at retreat.

Week #8

Reading Assignment: ZOOM CALL

Check in #2 Zoom Call | August 6th at 6pm CST

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 948 033 257

Discussion Assignment: Let’s talk about The Foursquare Pastor & the Foursquare Keystones PDF, Contexualizing Mission and what you’ve learned about being a Foursquare pastor.

Week #9

Reading Assignment: Hunsberger PDF: The Newbigin Gauntlet

Link to Book:

*** Please read Hunsberger PDF: The Newbigin Gauntlet. Give special attention to the highlighted areas. Comment one observation that stuck out to you from the reading. We will discuss this PDF in detail at our Retreat.         


Cohort Zoom Dates & Links

Please mark these dates and times on your calendars and join us for these times together.

Orientation Zoom Call | June 11th at 6pm CST

Join Zoom Meeting:

 Meeting ID: 865 002 673

Check in #1 Zoom Call | July 3rd at 6pm CST

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 981 213 503


Check in #2 Zoom Call | August 6th at 6pm CST

Join Zoom Meeting:

 Meeting ID: 948 033 257

Facebook Group

As a part of this Cohort experience, most of the online learning and interaction will happen in our private Facebook group as you journey with other planters. Please take a moment to ask to join the Facebook Group so that you can be a part of the online experience. Click below for a direct link to our page.


Stage 1 Retreat Dates & Details

Date: August 22-24, 2019

Time: Arrive by 5pm Thursday August 22 (Dinner at 6pm at local restaurant)

Depart by 12pm Saturday August 24

Location: Mission Church 2120 N Mays St. #290 Round Rock, TX 78664

Cost: You are responsible for all your travel to and from our meeting location. The district will cover all food and hotel during your time with us.


If Flying: Please book your flights to Austin-Bergstrom International’s Airport. Rental Cars, Uber, & Lyft are available at the airport. Hotel & Church is 25 minutes North of Airport.

If Driving: You will drive into Round Rock, TX. The hotel address will be given to you as we get closer, should be no farther than 10 minutes from the church.

Hotel: All hotels will be provided by the district and those details will be emailed to you separately.

  • Tru by Hilton Round Rock 2900 Hoppe Trail, Round Rock, TX 78681

Food: All food will be provided by the district during your time.

**** Please RSVP by no later than July 31st to Kaysie Larkin and PJ Moon so that arrangements can be made for our time together!