The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender is a collaboration of Christian pastors, leaders and theologians who aspire to be the Church's most trusted source of theologically sound teaching and practical guidance on questions related to sexuality and gender.

We seek to address two primary needs in the church. One, to help leaders cultivate a more robust biblical ethic of marriage, sexuality and gender. Two, to help churches and organizations create a safe and compassionate environment for LGBT+ people, their families, and anyone wrestling with their sexuality or gender identity.

To meet these two needs, we seek to educate not only pastors and leaders, but to help these leaders educate the people they lead by providing small group material, educational videos, podcasts, blogs, youth curriculum, and other resources.

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Church Audio University (CAU) is the platform for those starting out in audio production and for those leading the teams. Equip your person or team by maximizing training time and hours, sending your volunteers and/or staff through our online video training.

At a Glance...

Everything you could want your volunteers or staff to know about running the church sound booth such as:

  • Fixing and preventing feedback sounds

  • Selecting the right sound systems and equipment

  • How to mix on a soundboard for live worship and preaching

  • How to recruit and empower your audio team

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SUNDAY SOCIAL (Graphics & More)

More Time

Pick one of their four suggested graphics for the day or search for your own. Downloading is quick, and the graphics even come with a couple of caption ideas to make posting easy. 

More Options

Our graphics were created with social in mind, but they’re far more flexible than that. Each graphic comes in square format, 16×9, and blank versions of both. You can use them for screens and even print. Plus we share links to the fonts we used so you can get tons of mileage out of the graphics. You can even use your image editor to add your own logo on the images. 

No Limits

There are no download limits. As soon as you sign up, you get instant access to over 2,500 graphics, plus bonus content from our friends at CRTVCHURCH, Pro Church Media, Visual Media Church, and Shift Worship. 

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Urban Edge is a virtual startup INCUBATOR with the purpose of the Discovery, Networking, and Growth of innovative leaders and projects:

In Urban Transformation in the Foursquare Church around the world.

In Refugees Situation

We especially focus in projects of urban innovation in the Arts, Sports, Entrepreneurship and serving the poor.

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The Dinner Church Collective Is A Nation-Wide Community Of Mealtime Missionaries Spreading The Word About A Simple, Effective And Historic Approach To Starting New Forms Of Church.

Dinner Church Collective offers an effective, affordable, contextual approach to starting new expressions of Church. Their website has step-by-step resources that enable you to start the church God has placed on your heart.

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It’s a term we wish didn’t exist, but since 2006 the U.S. has experienced one such event with four or more fatalities every 2.9 months. As those charged with watching over our church members and communities with vigilance and wisdom, pastors must take this modern threat seriously no matter where we serve. A new training video has been created to help you and your team make plans for prevention, active response, and follow-up and long-term care.


Follow the link below to see our Foursquare Church Council Orientation Video. This video will give you the tools you need on what a church council’s role is and how it benefits the pastor and the church as a whole.