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NextGen Advance | SOUL

NextGen Advance | Soul 2019

NextGen Advance are ongoing online classes designed specifically for NextGen & Young Pastors, Leaders, and Volunteers, walking us through personal and leadership development. We believe these classes help to shape the individual leader and will inspire them on how to lead into the future. There are three unique sections to Advance, each section will last approximately 8 weeks. Participants can select one section to participate in or they can participate in all three. These classes have been designed to have no more than 2 hours of homework per week and give any people that are bi-vocational the freedom to work at their own pace. 

Each section has a cost of $25. (In Addition, there will be 1 book each section to purchase for studying & for your personal library.)

A Link to SIGN into the class for Canvas will be sent 48 hours before the class begins.

Section #1: Soul (January 21 - March 17, 2019)

The first section of Advance will be focused around caring for the soul and why soul formation is critical to your health and longevity in ministry. We believe that all of you have a unique call to be used for the Kingdom, but many of us have been guilty at times of sacrificing the health of our soul for the ministries we have been given to serve.

This section will require a lot of introspection and reflection, but also an external assessment of the people and culture of the churches you will be serving in. We believe that as you begin to answer these questions, the awareness of the health of your soul and how to carry that health into the world we are called to will greatly increase the impact we have.

The book you will need to purchase for this course: 

Forming the Leader's Soul: An Invitation to Spiritual Direction by Morris Dirks

Section #2: Grow (April 2019)

In this section, we will be looking at the importance of being an emotionally healthy leader and how this could greatly affect your impact, your ministry, and your life. We make decisions every day, we make plans to grow, but how we process these decisions is the difference maker on if we are able to ADVANCE into the future God has for us and our ministry.

Section #3: Multiply (October 2019)

In this final section, we will take an honest look into how we think of multiplying gospel impact into our cities and communities. This section will help us to take a look under the hood to assess what we believe and what Jesus may be speaking to us on how to ADVANCE the Kingdom farther than it ever has before.

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