Foursquare Cabinet Member Nominations

It is time for the MidSouth District to participate in the selection of cabinet member nominees to serve as the representatives of your district on the Foursquare Cabinet. This year all credentialed ministers are asked to participate by submitting two names, one from each list below to be considered for Cabinet Nomination. The district council along with the advisory committee of appointed lay persons and ministers will then select six of the nominees from which two will be selected to serve as cabinet members. Of the six nominees, three will be considered for the pastoral representative seat (4-year term), and three from among the ministers under 35 years of age for the younger representative seat (2-year term).

Please review the attached documentation explaining the role of a Cabinet member and the Foursquare Bylaws from which the Cabinet must work within. Use the two lists below (Pastoral Candidates & Under 35 Pastoral Candidates) and select one name from each list to submit as a potential Cabinet Nominee.

THANK YOU to Ryan Coffey (Pastoral Seat) & Gabe Saldana (Under 35 Seat) for serving on the Foursquare Cabinet for this last term. We are grateful for your time and efforts in representing the MidSouth District. These two candidates can not be selected again for this current term.



Please submit two names, one from each category, using the lists above as a reference.